How to increase your Twitter interaction using ‘trends’

On Twitter you may be familiar with the section ‘latest trends’, this section allows the user to understand what people online are talking about. The more popular a hashtag or subject on Twitter is, the more likely it is to trend. Targeting your content to the latest trends can benefit your Twitter engagement and interaction. However don’t always be fooled by hashtags some are sponsored! This is when a company pays to have a certain hashtag on the trending section, this is a paid service and not an organic trend. Businesses use this as a way of getting members of the public talking about their product or them.

So how can you use Twitters trend’s in your favour to gain interaction?

It is important to always check what the latest trends are on Twitter therefore you can focus your content on the popular subjects. Users are more likely to view your content if you are using hashtags which are trending. However, you need to tailor your content to match the current trend. This sometimes can be quite difficult as a business because you want your content to be relevant to your products or services. For example, if you own a cafe and one of today’s trends is #FridayFeeling how can you use this hashtag in your tweet to promote your products? Easy…

” Good Morning, do you all have that #FridayFeeling? Why not come along and try one of our new Cheshire shortbread biscuits! ”

Another example may be a popular trend such as; #MondayMotivation or #WednesdayWisdom.

Not only would you then benefit from reaching more users online because of the hashtag, but you are also offering your products as a way to bring in new customers. Looking back at some of the content i have created my average impression rate is 500-700, however when i use a hashtag which is trending in most circumstances this number can double.

TV shows such as X Factor & Im a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here tend to trend every time they are on TV. If you can think of a clever unique way to tailor your content to fir into these hashtags the number of impressions will be phenomenal! Hundreds of thousands of tweets are tweeted during these live TV shows.

Simply adding hashtags can really help grow your level of interaction. Let’s get hash-tagging!